Saturday, February 2, 2013

All Hail Princess Sparkle!~

"Star Swirl the Bearded is only the most important conjurer of the pre-classical era. He created more than 200 spells! He even has a shelf in the Canterlot library of magic named after him. Maybe I should start up a pony group to teach ponies about history. I bet everypony would love it!"
-Twilight Sparkle ( MLP:FiM S2:E4 - 'Luna Eclipsed')

Greetings Pony Fans! And Welcome to my new blog about Pony Stuff: Arcane Flame's Pony Group. Ether weekly-ish or when something interesting pops up in the fandom I'll draw on what little I know of Pony History and showcase stuff (badly) that may (or may not) have happened in the past.

Anyways, I'm going to give a spoiler warning here up front for this first post but I think everypony has already seen this news unless they have been living inside of Tom on the Moon without internet access because the laser link went out - But Twilight Sparkle is becoming Princess Twilight Sparkle.

But what you might not know is that Ms. Twilight Sparkle is not the the first Sparkle to become a Princess.

Behold Princess Sparkle from the 1st generation era (in the UK she was called Princess Amethyst for some reason though):


She was a unicorn with a lavender coat and aqua mane and a cutie mark of a Flower Medallion - Sparkle was one of the Six Princess Ponies who controlled the six wands who maintained the harmony of Ponyland.

She like the other Princess Ponies had a baby dragon assistant and her's was a pink dragon named Spiny:


In the cartoon she was featured in Quest of the Princess Ponies (Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV). During the serial the six are divided (mostly due to arguing over who should be the leader - with Princess Tiffany the Pegasus instigating much of it and making such stellar arguments as "I can fly and YOU CAN'T! So I should be in charge") and Lavan leader of the Lava Demons steals the wands and drains them of the magic to turn himself into a Crystal Being.

This throws Ponyland into chaos (such as magic going chaotic and crystals spreading out from the Jewel Desert taking over everything) so the Princesses go on a quest to get the six wands back and recharge them on a platform that is in the heart of Ponyland. They learn to work together, be friends, and finally recharge the wands then join together to create a Rainbow (using the most powerful of all magics) to kill Lavan by blasting him into pieces (while screaming in terror!) and the rainbow goes around restoring Ponyland from the chaos.

The Platform at the Heart of Ponyland

The Six uniting their powers and killing Lavan (who dies screaming in agony! For Kids!).

Oh and the quality that she said made her the most qualified for being the leader?: Knowledge.

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