Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Aside: My Little Humans

Looks like a My Little Humans series is a go.


Sauce: … rumor.html

I'm amused since they seem to be just grabbing ideas out of Fanfics at this point.

I'll give it a watch although I'm kinda disappointed the spin-off isn't set in Equestria following another group of ponies - maybe something like My Little Pony Tales where we have older school aged fillies dealing (mostly) with their day to day lives

Which was the original intent of Tales - make a series aimed at older girls though it failed because Hasbro decided to end G1 and this reduced the show already in production to one short season and the toys never came out in North America where the show was originally aired - so it got basically killed off even before it started.

Sorry for the rant but I loved Tales especially with the continuity (stuff Teddy's Teddy Bear ripped in one episode and the stitches from the repair being visible in all the later episodes) and little hints that the world wasn't as 'normal' and 'non-magical' as it seemed mostly with Patch with her conspiracy theories and her meeting impossible things like Ghosts, Alicorns, Pegasi, and Magic working. Although it's debatable whether Patch is crazy since she's always alone when she runs into stuff and no pony else believes her (not even her best friend Bonbon) which makes it all the more awesome.

 You have two options:
1. The world is much much weirder and deeper than it appears on the surface.
2. Patch is utterly bucking insane.

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