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Headcanon: It's like all connected, mare!

First off I want to state: THIS IS HEADCANON and a fairly insane example that has come from me watching and reading way, way, way, too much My Little Pony.

Basically my headcanon is that all of My Little Pony takes place on one world.

Here's a basic outline of my timeline of connections:

The First Age
The Ancient Era

- 1st unicorns arrive from magical land of Argite (Pony Legends and History in G1: 'The Golden Horseshoes - Part I')

- Majesty arrives and uses her ungodly powers powers to establish Ponyland as a sanctuary for ponykind (and creates several types as she does in the comics).

- 1st group of six ponies (The Princess Ponies) established to control the magical harmony of Ponyland. (G1: 'Quest of the Princess Ponies')


The Six at the Heart of Ponyland

*The 1st G1 Series & Comics*

- Some threat devastates Ponyland and kills most of the ponies and other intelligent life (probably the Ancient Horror Squirk (from G1: 'The Ghost of Paradise Estate') or something North Star uncovered in her explorations).

- Dream Castle survives (in My Little Pony Tales there is a mention of an Ancient Castle next to a 'Paradise Lake' not too far away from town in My Little Pony Tales' First Episode 'Slumber Party' - strengthening this is that Tales was written by the same group of writers as the original G1 series. Specifically 'Slumber Party' was written by George Arthur Bloom who also wrote the two original MLP specials, My Little Pony: The Movie, and a number of original serials)

-Possibly Majesty who in the comics had become more and more powerful (even just willing ponies into existence) and retreated more and more into isolation within her secret room (watching the ponies in her crystal ball and very occasionally helping magically at a distance in indirect ways (a plant sprung up to save a pony etc)) was forced to act and became an Alicorn in order to counter a major elder god level threat to save what was left of the ponies. Majesty possibly uses the Book of Horrors to turn herself into an Alicorn and then divides ponykind believing that by separating the pony types they would be less of a target and establishing Alicorns as a kind of powerful guardian form of pony.

-This explains the mysterious Alicorn escorted by "Mythical" Pegasi who in My Little Pony Tales 'Up, Up, and Away!' who rescue Patch and Bonbon and have apparently been observing the Earth Ponies the entire time.

The First Sighting of an Alicorn in MLP

*2nd G1 Series and Cartoon*

- Ponyland is finally wrecked due to fast and reckless Earth Pony technological development and pollution (an undercurrent in the series especially in 'Birds of a Feather' and the series finale 'Who's Responsible?' in which Ponyland is devastated by a massive flood).

2nd Age
'The Age of Migration'

Leader of Ponyland is Queen Sun Sparkle who is an explorer pony (per her backcard).


Another Royal Sparkle

Only Media is the PC game 'Friendship Gardens' in which you raise pony and send them off from ponyland across the Rainbow to "Adventures in Other Lands".

- At this time Ponyland has been environmentally destabilized and the pony migrate to new lands.

- Ponys migrate across the world (and to other worlds via the Rainbow creating a Multi-verse filled with ponies).

- Presumably the Six leave with the six artifacts/wands and establish the six castles each dedicated to an 'element' such as laughter happiness, friendship, etc. in their new homeland as seen in G3's 'The Princess Promenade' and 'The Runaway Rainbow'.


 The Six castle of G3: Each dedicated to a specific 'element' like laughter or friendship.

3rd Age
The Dark Age of Pony

-Ponykind declines into a happy and comfortable but Dark Age.

-Society declines into isolated communities as the Six are no longer really need much in the bountiful and peaceful new land.

-What knowledge is preserved is entrusted to wise ponies who are the 'keepers of all precious pony legend and lore' like Kimono who live outside of settlements (G3: 'A Charming Birthday').

-Events in Ponyville eventually lead to the beginning of the end of the Dark Age as Pegasi and Unicorn Enclaves are found and the tribes are reunited. Particularly the Unicorns of Unicornia and the Pegasi living on Butterfly Island who had no knowledge of the other types of ponies at contact. (Although in Ponyville's castle there are images of Pegasi on presumably ancient tapestries prior to contact and the Earth Ponies seemed to believe they were mythical similar to situation in My Little Pony Tales where 'Flying Magical Ponies' were believed to be mythical (G3: 'Friends Are Never Far Away', 'The Runaway Rainbow' & Tales: 'Up, Up, and Away')).

-Spike (Bartholomew Heath Spike the 3rd) makes sense since he would be a descendant of one of the Royal Dragons (as he claimed in 'The Runaway Rainbow') - most likely of Spiny since he was holding a flower which gave royal power to whoever touched it. The insignia of Princess Sparkle on her royal medallion cutie mark was a stylized 5 pointed flower and her dragon assistant was Spiny.

 Spiny, Princess Sparkle, and G3's Spike.

-However relations deteriorate over time as the tribes form into blocs/tribes based upon pony types as the land and culture further deteriates due to loss of knowledge and old technology breaking down.  The events of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's 'Hearth's Warming Eve' occur and the 3rd age comes to a close.

4th Age
The Present Age

-By sheer luck the ponies migrate back to the site of the original Ponyland which has recovered overtime due to the 'Heart of Ponyland' the crystal platform which is the traditional resting place and which can re-empower the Six Wands/Artifacts which are now the Elements of Harmony. (G4: 'The Mare in the Moon', 'The Elements of Harmony', G1: 'Quest of the Princess Ponies')

--Evidence for this includes:

---Car Tires deep in the ground as seen in G4: 'Hearts and Hooves Day' which could be remnants of the Earth Pony Civilization at the end of the 1st age.

---The Strange Platform the Elements rest on - the Heart may be contained within to shield its awesome and primal powers.

---The Mirror Pool (from G4: 'Too Many Pinkie Pies') may be the resting place of the Enchanted Mirror from G1 which could clone ponies and the pool itself has taken on the mirror's magical effects (producing adult instead of baby clones due to the interference and properties of the body of water). Perhaps the mirror was cast into the pool in an effort to get rid of it and to prevent the abuse of its powers.

MLP_Cars_Tire_zps8ed66db3.png A familiar looking tire under a lot of strata.

The Resting Places of the Elements.

There is a possibility that the mysterious Black Book seen in part 2 of G4: 'The Crystal Empire - Part II' is what was called the the Book of Horrors in the G1 Comics.


 Ia! Ia! Ph'nglui Mglw'nafh Squirk Paradise wgah'nagl fhtagn!

Also the 'Sparkle' linage seems extremely important and pops up quite a bit throughout all of MLP.

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