Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sables of the DAMNED #1: Applejack's Amazing Adventure


Incoming Transmission!

*A macabre batpony mare with shining fangs appears on the screen*

Welcome my herd to the Sables of the Damned! I am Deinos, your guide to the horror that awaits you in the land of your favorite pastel colored equines. You see horror is not confined to your 'Nightmare Night', it is all around in the land of your precious ponies, my herd. Stop reeling away! I don't bite... hard that is... *Grins wide*

Our first little jaunt into the madness of pony is the little happy tale called Applejack's Amazing Adventure. It is amazing my herd... oh yes, it is a tale of a happy go lucky pony who gets playfully lost and then walks into a slave camp filled with abused and battered ponies then proceeds to murder their captor. Finally in the explosive conclusion shrapnel is jabbed in the eyes of an entire group of ponies - yes, my herd this is the horrific origin story of the 'Twinkle Eyed' ponies from the comic 'My Little Pony #11':

This was most likely the inspiration for the 'A Dog and Pony Show' and 'The Crystal Empire' episodes of your vaunted Friendship is Magic show my herd.

The Twinkle Eyed ponies both have similar abilities such as the Twinkle Eyes have eyes which Twinkle when they are happy (and was neutralized when they were hit by the gloom of the Smooze in MLP: The Movie) and both were enslaved to mine magical jewels/crystals as a major part of their origin stories - so it seems my herd the horror comes full circle. You will never see this commercial the same way my herd... yes.


But you know what is really scary my herd? Notice the 'Story Request' banner - several kids wrote to the MLP comic book and asked for a story about the origin of the Twinkle Eyed ponies. This is obviously an example of being cautious when seeking out knowledge my herd... you might not like what you find for it may be something out to step on you, drive you mad, or drain you of your precious and delicious blood my herd...

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